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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 11, 2012 9:00am-11:00am PST

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there. thank you for joining us today on this veterans day. when you see a veteran, say thanks. >> jamie: it was wonderful to have you here. very important day. shannon bream is here. >> the timing of cia director david petraeus's resignation raising questions here in washington. what the intelligence committee is saying about her plans to investigate the affair that brought petraeus down approximate what it means for the libya hearing. more than 100,000 people without power in the wake of hurricane sandy. protests breaking out in new york, as the utility companies offer little guidance. we are live on the ground. honoring our armed service members, we will introduce you to the best charities helping our military and their family this is veterans day. i'm shannon bream, live from our nation's capitol. >> we are learning new details about the scandal that ended the public career of cia director
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david petraeus and how it could affect upcoming hearings about the benghazi investigation. the chair of the national intelligence committee says she did not received any -- receive any advance notice of this investigation. >> the senate intelligence committee received no advanced notice of any kind of investigation into director petraeus and chairwoman dianne feinstein said that finding out about all of this on friday was like a lightning bolt. senator feinstein says she plans to investigate why the fbi kept relevant lawmakers in the dark and plained that the fbi wasn't looking for lusty emails between a four-star general and his biographer, they were trying, instead, to find out why broadwell was harassing another woman, whose identity is unknown. >> the worry is yes and yes. we received no advance notice. it was like a lightning bolt. the way i found out, i came back to washington thursday night.
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friday morning, the staff director told me, there were a number of calls from press about this. i called david petraeus. >> director petraeus resigned less than a week before he was scheduled to testify before congress about the cia's response to the deadly 9/11 raid on the american consulate in benghazi. at this point, he is not expected to appear anymore. although, the vice chairman of the senate committee says petraeus might not keep quiet forever. >> he's a very capable dupe morel, mike morel, is going to be testifying next thursday. that's fine because he certainly was there when -- when all of decisions were made, relative to benghazi. but at the end of the day, i would not rule out general petraeus being called to testify. >> we learned that congressman dave reicher from washington state was approached by an fbi
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whistle-blower who wanted to make sure someone in congress knew about the investigation into this affair. he notified the house major leader, eric canter, who passed it along to the fbi director mueller. the white house says that president obama didn't find out about the affair until thursday that, means congressman rikert and kantor knew, the investigate the fbi was investigating the director of the cia before the president did. >> thank you very much. the president has release aid timeline from the pen ben attacks, it doesn't match up with the cia version. the pentagon says it started at 9:42 a.m. in libya. but the cia says it started at 9:40. and leon panet taand joint chiefs of staff chairman, general martin dempsey were not notified until almost an hour after it began. secretary panetta did not give orders for backup until 5 hours
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later. read more about this and the coverage of the story on fox news dot-com. she has been breaking news all along. will the new revelations help congress figure out who is to blame for the attack and the lack of response? joining us, two members of the house oversight committee. gentlemen, welcome to you both. >> thank you. good to be here. >> hanks. >> jamie: congressman kucinich, do you have any concerns about the fact that congress didn't know more about what was going on -- with respect to general petraeus, the fbi investigating the cia -- do you have any concerns about how that played out and that you didn't know more about it? >> well, frankly, there is a matter here between general petraeus and his wife. and the national security imp cages. i am more concerned about what happened in lib libya and what happened when petraeus was in
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charm of libya -- we have four people who died. >> absolutely. four dead americans. do you worry about his inability and the fact he won't show up at the hearings, and he may show up in the future -- are you worried about him miss from this three hearings this week will have an impact on what you can find out. >> that's a problem. here's why. look, i don't frankly, personally, i don't care about having hearings about his affair. what i do care about is that he is there to testify about what happened in benghazi. we need to know that. he was the head of the cia at that time. i think they could restrict it. they don't get into the affair. if you want to look at that later, that's their business. i think the top priority has to be why did four americans die? there is another thing, why were we in libya in the first place? we should have never been there. that's a deeper policy question, unfortunately, which was ignore in the 2012 presidential campaign. >> not talked about on that front.
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congressman chaffetz. most americans done care about the affair, except for the fact that hoo it could have exposed him in national security. i am sure that you and others are much more concerned about the four americans who were lost, why we didn't know more going in and what we have learned since. >> i am very concerned about what happened hoar didn't happen with this affair. this is the head of the cia, for goodness sake. of course, we need to know what the fbi knew, when did they know it, when did they brief the president? if we have the head of the cia, potentially compromised, i would seek and hope that that would go to the president of the united states, as soon as possible. and the question -- it is so suspicious. comes days after the election and then, you know, days after the election, and then days before he is supposed to testify. now at the very least, shannon, he should absolutely testify this week. there is no reason, no excuse not to have him continue to testify this week. >> congressman -- [overlapping dialogue] >> i agree with the congressman.
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he should be testifying. i would say it ought to be related to what happened in benghazi. >> do you ever think the timing of how this played out is suspicious? >> of course. it's like a high duh factor. a few days before he's supposed to testify, he's out. obviously, there was control over the timing. he had to leave before he was supposed to go before congress. that doesn't look right, that doesn't smell right. anybody who understands what happens in washington, when a person is pushed out a few days before a hearing, that's the reason for congress to call that person and answer questions about what happened in benghazi and how were four americans killed as a result, what role did the cia play? >> congressman, will you subpoena him? will the committee subpoena him, if necessary? general petraeus? >> potentially, i have spoken with chairman issa in the oversight committee. we thought we would give it a day or two to play out here. we will convene, monday, tuesday
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and make determinations there. but i think it's imperative that general petraeus testify. i would like it to happen this week, within the intelligence committees. but if we need to bring it before oversight, i think that's a distinct possibility. >> do you think that mike morel will give you the answers that you need? or do you think there are things that only general petraeus would have the authority to speak to at this point? >> no, like, i want to hear from everybody. i also want to hear from secretary clinton and ambassador rice and how she made those statements time after time after time and who briefed her? there is so much to know. who led up to it? why not didn't we respond to the attack on june 6? what went down, the president said his first thing was to make sure that everybody was taken care of and safe -- that didn't happen. we than based on the timeline and what didn't happen. and afterwards, the aftermath, why did this administration continue to mislead the american people and the world about
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something they knew was bogus from the beginning? >> you are both nodding your heads in agreement. nice to see bipartisan agreement that there is a lot more to this story and you will keep gig digging and we will be right there with you. thank you both for your work on this and your work on the hill. >> thanks. >> for more, keep it here, fox news sunday's exclusive interview with senate intelligence committee member dianne feinstein, right after america's news headquarters. israel, it appears that has been drawn into the conflict in siriasm the israeli military says its forces fired warning shots into syria, in response to a stray mortar shell that landed in a golan heights settlement. no one was hurt, but there are fears that the syrian war could broaden and into turn into a regional conflick. the israeli forces have filed a complaint with the united nations.
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fruferations are boil over in new york as the lights lights ad much-needed heed -- heat are out. the power company says it could be until tuesday or later to get the area fully restored. we go live to oceanside, new york, with more. >> reporter: hello to you, shannon. the numbers can be very misleading as to how many people are cold and in the dark. that's because tens of thousands of them have electrical equipment that is so internally damaged by super storm sandy's storm surge, that it needs to be repaired, tested and certified for the power companies to get going and try to fix that problem for them. angry residents protested and new york's governor andrew cuomo has call the the long island power authority, unprepared and badly managed. and now the chief operating
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officer says they are repairing the storm damage as fast as they can, 3900 linemen and three00 tree trimmers are hard at work, compared with 300 on a normal day. the red cross has invested $40 to $50 million and they are operating in a few phase, trying to get people supplies to sustain their lives beyond just surviving. the red cross is encouraging everyone to clean up as much as they can to prohibit mold growth and are warning about other health concerns. >> generators create carbon monoxide and almost every disaster i have been involved with in the last 10 years, people have died because they failed to provide enough space around their generators. >> right here in this very neighborhood. >> in this neighborhood, we have reports that someone passed away because they had a generator in a garage. and that's exactly the sorts of
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things you can't do. >> in new jersey, long beach island residents are experiencing their first full day back in their homes, state officials allowing homeowners to survey the damage and collect their belongings, residents were ordered to evacuate before the storm made landfall, october 29. homeland security secretary napolitano is in staten island, meeting with the multiple agencies that have responded. and president obama is expected to be in the area on thursday. back to you. >> thank you so much for all of your reporting there, live on the scene, as the folks try to recover. we appreciate it. >> he didn't get a single electoral vote, but gary johnson made his mark on the presidential election, snagging more than a million popular votes, including tens of thousands in key swing states. the former governor is here next. later, a controversial cross meant to honor our veterans was
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lost and found. it's always been the center of a debate. we will take you live to the mojave desert for brand-new developments. [ female announcer ] today, jason is here
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>> severe weather in store, a strong storm system is set to bring rains and thunderstorms and the mississippi valley to the great lake, stretching way down to the south, as well. those cleaning up from super storm sandy will get a break today, but more rain is expected across the northeast by tuesday. some brides to be are among thousands in the new york/new jersey region that have lost everything. but they are getting a helping hand from true love bridal shop, donating a thousand wedding dresses to brides impacted by the storm. >> it's a bitter-weet sweet -- we have been crying since monday. every story has been touching. you scprie then you smile. >> she feels the giveaway is bringing joy amidst so much sadness and loss. >> it took four days, but
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florida went for president obam abringing the final electoral college to 332 for the president and 206. and gary johnson scored tens of thousands of votes in key swing states and mixed up the race with those with razor-thin margins. how does he feel now? former governor of new england is here by skype. >> jamie: great to be with you. i really thought we would get more votes. we didn't have the resources to be able to tell, you know, where the votes were going to come from. but the polls would have said, we were guessing we were going to do better. it just got down to the wire and i think people bought into the fact that people have to vote for romneyor obama because it was going to be close. >> even so, with the top two contenders apparently so close. you scored more than 1.2 million votes in key swing states.
9:19 am
32,000 in colorado, 45,000 in north carolina, 47,000 in ojaio and in virginia, 30,000-plus. florida, nearly 45,000. these are states that were very, very scploas these two teams spent a lot of money and yet, tens of thousands of people had to have waited in line. a lot of these states, people were waiting, two, three hours in line to vote. you resonated with someone. now, knowing that, are you happy with the results from tuesday and the fact that the president's been re-elected? >> first -- >> jamie: first of all, i take just as many votes away from obama as romney that. has been checked out. it would have been great to have been labeled a spoiler because you go from being an annoyance -- speaking from the libertarian party from an annoyance, to a spoiler to a player. yoke we have been declared a spoiler for tuesday night. like i said, in colorado, i took
9:20 am
more votes away from obama. and he did end up winning the state. i wish we would have been a spoiler, but we weren't. >> all right. will you run again? what is your most important, key policy that you want to communicate to folks? >> well, just the balanced notion of fiscal conservatives and social acceptance. mitt romney -- i don't think he really energized people in dollars and cents. when it came to social agenda, i think it scares people, you know, as negative as he spoke regarding immigration, gay rights and women's rights -- look, i think it -- i think it ended up to be a real negative at the end of the day. if the republicans can disassociate themselves from the social issues and that is to say, a person with social issues isn't a good thing and you can't affect other people's lives in a
9:21 am
positive way by leading as an individual, but if you make that government policy, i think that scares people and like i say, i think that's what does in the republican party. >> one-word answer because we are out of time. if do you run again for the white house, will you run as a republican, libertarian or something else? >> i think the last thing people want to hear right now is talking about running again. i don't know about you, but i am ready to stick my finger down my throat when it comes to presidential politics. give us some time. i hope to stay a spokesperson for libertiy and freedom, which is way to important, the balanced notion of being fiscal responsible and socially accepting. >> libertiy and freedom, something all americans should be able to agree on. governor johnson, thank you, sir. >> thank you so much. >> republican party leaders were left scratching their heads on election night, but with the election in the books, they have no choice but to look ahead. the chair of the rnc has ordered
9:22 am
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>> shannon: the september intelligence committee chair, weighing in on the timing of general david petraeus' resignation. peter doocy has that and more. >> reporter: senator dianne feinstein told fox news sunday this morning, she does not believe petraeus resigned because of the terror attack in benghazi. but she is the chair of the senate intel committee and she says she might investigate why the fbi didn't tell her earlier about the adespair may call the retired general to testify about libya.
9:27 am
palestinian president abbas says he will ask to recognize a palestinian state. the u.s. has opposed upgrading their status. a man arrested in colorado after atagging a police officer with a sword. a man was runningarn an education complex with a sword yesterday. he sliced an officer's fingers when confronted. the officer shot and killed him. the officer is in critical condition. more than 1500 twilight fans are camping now the downtown los angeles this weekend to catch a glimpse of the movie, stars at the premier. the final movie in the vampire romance series opens on monday. >> shannon: what time your your flight? >> i will not be attending. >> shannon: if you showed up, there would be pandemonium, we need you here. >> reporter: i don't think that's correct. >> shannon: we need you here,
9:28 am
peter. >> to point fingers in any one direction is a short-satellited way of making people feel good about the selection. we have issues that have to be dealt with in a lots of areas. >> shannon: rnc communications director, sean spicer says it's time for self-examination. after a disappointing election, rnc officials are trying to figure out how to be more successful next time around. what does the future hold. >> eric: let's ask ed rollins. >> great to see you. >> shannon: doug, you are an expert at the polls. you have watched many a race. where was the g.o.p. misreading the success they thought they were having with the polling groups? >> well, bottom line, polls were wrong. their message was wrong. they didn't have a forward-looking, inclusive pledgee about free marks, growth and job creation.
9:29 am
the bottom line is the obama campaign over-perform with independents and moderate, and the romney campaign and the republicans under performed. >> shannon: all right, ed, is it an idea about changing policy or changing the way you message on policy? because those are two very different things? >> they are. i think the key thing is foritous take some time and talk to a bunch of young people and a bunch of women and a bunch of latinos who were not supportive of our candidacy and find out had they are looking for from a party. we are a two-party system. obviously, we came close. we have 30 governors across the country. we have the house of representatives. we have to look at the governors and see why they have succeeded. you know, we can't be a mini democratic party and change all things. i agree with doug. we underestimated, we had way more democrats, we didn't run a good ground game. we have to fix those things. it's very difficult to be an
9:30 am
incumbent president and we didn't do it. >> shannon: doug, obviously, economic data is want good. it hasn't been positive. high unemployment, very difficult and economic projections in the short-term future, as well. yet, he was able to overcome that, some say by vilifying and misrepresenting romney. is that what happened? were they successful in going after the man of mitt romney? versus the policies of the republican party? or it was about policy? >> i think it was both. the republicans were positioned as being on the side of the rich and governor romney was seen as being prototypical of a man who was out of touch with the needs and concerns of the people ed rollins was talking about -- women, young people, latino, african-americans. so bottom line, the republican party needs a thorough review of their message and their policies because they are out of touch with a changing america that is
9:31 am
becoming more heterogeneous, younger and more ethically diverse. this is a party that is not responsive and needs to do what ed rollins has been describing. >> shannon: the issue of immigration and the huge disparity between the hispanic communicate communities for president obama and for mitt romney. but a lot of people say they don't feel like it's time to concede on immigration and the g.o.p. announced it will grant blanket amnesty. where do you find a common ground to temper with those who say that amnesty is not the answer? >> amnesty is not the only issue that makes latinos not vote for us. i think it is a misjudgment to think that it is. there are lots of issues where we are very much in sync with their thought process. i think immigration is a major, major problem, 14 million people who are here illegally. they have to be dealt with in some way, shape or form, a humane way, shape or form.
9:32 am
this is a bipartisan issue. this has to be bipartisan. we have had two president, back to back, one who wanted immigration reform and it didn't succeed. it's not like we let it happen. can we come together and find something that allows the borders to be secure, at the same time for the future, and take care of those who are here. >> shannon: there is a love introspection that the party says it will have. thank you for weighing in. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: republican congressman allen west claiming that elections officials are trying to steal the races for the democratic challenger, patrick murphy. there is a recount in the 18th congressional district, where the final three days of early voting will be recounted. west's campaign says it believes and was previously told that possible technical errors occurred in the first three days of early voting. but that's not what is being recounted. west trails by 2400 votes and says he will pull out every legal option he has to get the
9:33 am
recount done. the speaker of the house, john boehner says we don't have a tea party caucus. with congressman allen west on the edge of defeat and a barely win for michele bachmann, we want to know if you agree with the speaker. moving forward, do you think the tea party is rel vapt, helpful or harmful to the gop? tweet us your answers. did. we will reads your responses, later on throughout at this time show. we honor members of the military for their service to our country. some of them having made the ultimate sacrifice. ceremonies honoring our nation's heroes will happen all over the country. the vietnam memorial will be a gathering place for the annual day of remembrance. we go to sent cent, live on the scene. >> reporter: right. a ceremony gets underway here in just a little while.
9:34 am
the secretary of veterans affairs will be the main speaker here. but really, the centerpiece is the wall itself. the vietnam veterans memorial, which is one of the major attractions in washington, d.c. to memorialize the 58,000 people who were killed in the vietnam war. their names carved in black granite, along this sfark wall. normally, there are hundreds of people filing up and down, in a very somber procession, reading the name, looking at the reflection in the wall. this isn't the only ceremony today. the president spoke, he laid a wreath at arlington national cemetery earlier and he had this message to the families of those who lost their lives in all of america's wars. let's listen. >> on behalf of the american people, i say to you that the memory of your loved ones carries on, not just in your hearts, but in ours, as well. i assure that you their sacrifice will never be
9:35 am
forgotten. >> reporter: recaller today, another memorial, this one at the world war ii memorial, a fairly recent addition to the scene here in washington, d.c., some of the veteran from world war ii, in their 80s and 90s, and there are fewer every year. but they were honored here today. we talked to some of them earlier. >> i made 12 trips across the atlantic, carried troops and back and forth and some equipment. >> it's great to see the reception the the veterans get. we are treated like royalty, which didn't happen before. >> keep the colors flying. it is very difficult for the young people today. i realize the kind of world we are in. don't give up. and stay with american spirit. >> reporter: by the way, this is the 30th anniversary of
9:36 am
the wall. the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the vietnam war. >> shannon: our vets should be treated as royalty, we hope they are getting that chance across the country today, steve, thank you. for years, groups have battled over whether a cross honors our veterans should be taken off public proprietary property. it is there, boarded up. after being bagged, boxed, torn down and stolen, the cross has pers -- persevered. get a live update on that, coming up [ woman ] ring. ring.
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>> shannon: finally, what looks like the end a 13-year court battle over a controversial cross in the mojave desert that honors world war one veterans. the battle waged all the way to the u.s. veekt supreme court,
9:41 am
after the ruling, the cross was stolen. now a new cross will be erected. the lead attorney for case, when it was argued at the supreme court is here. good to see you today. >> good to be with you, shannon. >> shannon: all right. there have been so many twists and turns. the supreme court found that this cross, which there were groups that were suing because it was sitting in national parkland, there was a land swap that put its on private land. but the court said it didn't violate separation of church and state or any other concerns and sent it back down. do we have a rez niewgz losing now? >> we do. this is a great day. i mean, look, i don't say that -- liberty in the suit, we win 99% of our cases, but this one is really special. what is going on on veterans day is not only the lifting up of this memorial, back to the way it was put up in 1934. as you mentioned, for 13 years, it's been under attack, covered in a bag, by order of the court,
9:42 am
covered by a box. now that memorial that was put up by the hands of the world war i vets is going back up. that's not only great for veterans, but it's great for the country. we have, you know, monuments around the country that are secular and we have monuments with religious imagery, the idea that we have to bulldoze the ones with the religious imagery is not what this country is about. now we have the visual representation of the spreek, about to go back up for the country to see. >> shannon: we are showing a live picture of where that ceremony will happen here on veterans day. we reached out to the national park service who, obviously, has been involved in this dispute. here's that whey said, on friday, november 2, the national park service conveyed a small piece of parkland to the california veterans of foreign wars, resolving a white cross to memorialize soldiers who died in world war i.
9:43 am
now it's on private land, but the aclu, which has been suing for over a decade, says it has concerns that a cross would be used to memorialize american veterans, saying it is not an inclusive symbol. but the cross was stolen after the supreme court ruled it would be okay. but it has mysteriously turned up again. what do you make of that? >> we have been really sad. we represented the american legion and the center for the purple heart. whether that memorial was stolen, we immediately had the replica to go back up. but the obama administration has been fighting us until the land transfer ended. we are finally glad to get on that day. but the fact that it showed back up, it really didn't matter because henry and wannedy sandos, who have been care-taking this as a promise to the last living world war i vet. they had a replic a. they have
9:44 am
been watching this over 25 years. and today was going to happen one way or the other, whether we found the old one or not, we have an exact repliccasm the vfw and the american legion and the national media will be there. this is a great day for the country. i think it's an image that everybody should see to reflect the sacrifice that these folks have given, these veterans and world war i veteran who is put approximate up in 1934, themselves. >> shannon: we will have the fox cameras there, so the viewers will see it in its rightful place. thank you for your fight on behalf of the veterans represented by that cross. congratulations. >> oh, thank you. people need to know, there is more of these out there, unfortunately. mt. soledad, the maryland peace cross is going. keep watching -- you can go to libertyo institute dot-org. >> shannon: we are tracking it as well. thank you. next week, three separate
9:45 am
congressional committees will hold hearings, regarding the attack on the consulate in libya. four americans left dead. coming up, we will talk with the chair of the foreign affairs committee. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serus allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack.
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>> no one can do anything because they have nowhere to live. they have no place to go. >> reporter: anger and frustration from thousands of new yorkers who still don't have power, almost 2 weeks after hurricane sandy. calls for action from washington are mounting as utility executives refuse to answer their phone. we will look at what is and isn't being done to help the victims. the head of the cia stepped down at the worst possible time, right before he was expected to testify before congress. americans are demanding answers and lawmakers on the hill say they are not getting them. in the second hour of america's news headquarters, the head of the house foreign affairs committee joins us, live. and honoring those who serve our country this veterans day. this weekend, fox news is highlighting charities that help our heroes. meet a military family who is thankful that one of the charities made it possible to be there for their son's recovery. >> except to say, there are a number of things that one has to
9:50 am
consider. the first of which, was there any kind of national security breach. to date, there was not. >> shannon: that was senate intelligence committee chair, senator dianne feinstein, commenting on the realities of a former cia director david petraeus's extra-marital affair. chawould ba at risk with an email breach at that level? i sat down with chris wallace for a look at his exclusive interview with the senator. chris, of course, the big news is about the resignation of former cia director, petraeus. you had a top senator who genuinely to me seem the shocked and hurt by what has happened. >> yeah, dianne feinstein, chairman of the senate intelligence committee. interestingly, she said on friday, the day he formally resigned, she talked to petraeus a couple of times. she did seem yes, 1, very hurt about it. now, originally, when she -- hurt and disappointed because she had such regard, like a lot
9:51 am
of people do, for petraeus. initially he said, i understand but i wish the president hadn't accepted his resignation. but there is more stuff that has come out and that supposedly the misstress was sending threatening emails to another woman she thought might be having a relationship with petraeus. we don't finish that is true. now she says, she thinks it's the right thing to do because of the complications. she is ticked off that the fbi had been investigating this for weebs or months and never told her. and by law, the fbi is supposed to inform the heads of the intelligence committees in the house and the senate if there is a matter of national security. you would think that an investigation involving an affair involving the cia director would pass that threshold. >> shannon: there are so many unanswered questions about that and something he was heavily involved in and would have been testifying about, benghazi, the closed-door hearings or inquiries this week.
9:52 am
how much will his presenc missed, do you think? >> well, it's interesting. what senator feinstein said and i hope people watch the interview because she made a lot of news, she says, we are going ahead with the closed hearing and because he's out, the acting director, mike morel will testify in his steady. but she said, if i have the sense that there is something he can tell us which we are not getting from morel, i absolutely reserve the right to call him to testify. and i asked her, you know, what are your big concerns? it's clear her biggest concern is. there had been -- she said -- hundreds of warnings to the state department, to the cia, that our people in benghazi were not adequately protected. there had been an attack against the embassy, an ied that had blown up. she said, i really am concerned about why we ignored all of those warning signs. that's a key focus of the investigation. >> shannon: both me and other members on the committee have a big job ahead of them. you talk to the lawmakers about
9:53 am
the otherig issues with the fiscal cliff looming. that's a very big discussion and a great panel, as l. thanks for the preview. >> watch the show. >> reporter: >> shannon: yeah. and hear about david axelrod's mustache. a new challenge there, as well. >> there you go. >> thanks, chris. catch the entire exclusive interview with dianne feinstein, right here on fox newschannel, after america's news headquarters. coming up, a veteran who walked away from the big leagues twice to go to war for america. his amazing story, up after this break. [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods that make kids happy.
9:54 am
. and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: talk about an impressive resume. world series mp3, baseball hall-of-famer and a veteran of two wars. even so, jerry coleman says he is no hero. fox's adam housley has the story on veterans day. >> thank you, coleman, digs in a little deeper and keeps arms swinging. >> reporter: from the infield to the battlefield, jerry coleman served his team and his country, but don't call him a hero. >> a lot of people look at you and say, "you're hero." you know who the heroes are, don't you? they're the ones that didn't come back. i have friends that didn't come back. >> he walked away from professional baseball to fight alongside those friends
9:58 am
sevenning with distinction in world war ii and korea. nicknameed "the colonel" due to his rank, he was only major leaguer that saw combat duty in two wars, flying 120 combat missions, piloting a dive bomber, earning him 13 air medals and two distinguished crosses. >> the country is one of the dominant factors in your life, especially the united states. if you haven't been out to the world to see how other things go you don't know what you who are talking about. you realize this is even. >> sing to center. >> even meant playing for the new york yankees. as a starting second baseman, he won rookie of the year in 1949, was an all-star, world series mvp and took home four series titles before retiring. he spent the past 40 years in san diego calling games for the padres. where the team has a statue in his honor and exhibit recognizing ball players who
9:59 am
have served. >> get the line-up. los angeles dodgers. >> at 88 years young and nearly ten years after being inducted in the baseball hall of fame as a broadcaster, you can still find coleman in the booth. calling games with players who are roughly the same age jerry was when he traded his batting glove in for firefights over the pacific. >> it's very special to have a person, american history and baseball history in our locker room, a true hero in my eyes. especially to get the privilege to sit down on the couch behind me and share in his journey, in his life experiences. >> he is a walking history lesson. >> it's funny, he never pushes it on anyone. he's very whitty and sharp still, has jokes. always tries to deflect attention to himself. we always keep digging at him to try to get the stories about tall guys he played with. flying airplanes and battle and things like that. >> stories which don't define his life. >> to me, the most important thing you have is the people
10:00 am
who love you and your country, in my opinion. >> in san diego, adam housley, fox news. ♪ ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> shannon: right now, ceremony honoring those who served in vietnam and beginning at the vietnam memorial wall in washington, d.c., one of many ceremonies held around the country to honor those who fought for country on veterans day. i'm shannon bream. hour number two live from the nation's capital starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: key lawmakers are looking for answers about the deadly attacks in benghazi and now weighing in on the rezition neigh of c.i.a. director general david petraeus. the chair of the senate intelligence committee says she plans to further investigate why she wasn't told about the indiscretion or the f.b.i. investigation in the matter. the committee will hold a closed hero on the attack
10:01 am
thursday. petraeus was originally expected to be is there. peter doocy joins us with more. peter? >> reporter: we learned inappropriate message between general petraeus and paula broadwell were discovered by accident. the f.b.i. wasn't originally aware of the affair between the two but learned of their relationship while trying to track down the origin of some harassing e-mails. >> what i have been told is that there was somebody else that he knew and was close to. mrs. broadwell sent threatening e-mails to her. she was frightened and went to the f.b.i. >> reporter: senator feinstein heads the intelligence committee and said she had no heads up. and when she found out on friday it was a lightning bolt. the white house says president obama found out about the affair on thursday of this week. the chairman of the house
10:02 am
homeland security committee peter king doesn't understand why the f.b.i. wouldn't notify him of something like this immediately. >> i have a hard time believing the whole story. first of all, how an e-mail issue becomes an f.b.i. matter. how it was investigated for so many months. how it wasn't until election night that the f.b.i. suddenly realized it involved david petraeus. if they were investigating it for three or four months that would have been the first thing he would have found out. >> reporter: petraeus was scheduled to testify before congress on thursday about the deadly c.i.a. raid in benghazi that killed four americans. all right senator lindsay graham said to get the answers that congress and the american people need about what happened that night, petraeus must some day fill in lawmakers about what he knows. shannon? >> shannon: they expect to get that story from him directly one way or another. peter, thank you. three different congressional committees will hold hearings this week on the benghazi attack. the woman taking a central role at one of the hearings is
10:03 am
republican congresswoman iliana ross clayton and she joins us now live about what she plans to ask in thursdayee hearing. this is the only one held as open hearing. congresswoman, thank you for your time. >> guest: thank you so much. we're as bewildered as everyone wells the conflicting timelines about benghazi, what did the administration know, what did secretary clinton know, what did they do about. it fox has been pointing this out and the american people have a right to know. four americans died on that terrible day. and what we have learned since then is that there have been conflicting cables, one thing has been clear. those people in benghazi had been asking and pleading for more security and more help from day one. and the administration flat out did not provide it. now they are stone walling congress. secretary clinton was supposed to appear before our committee on thursday an open hearing.
10:04 am
we have a classified one on friday. but we need one in an open way. she is in australia so we are in conversations with the department now to see if before november ends she will make herself available to our committee and answer about state operations and whether they provided or did not provide help in an adequate time to save those lives. >> shannon: how helpful has the state department been to you thus far in your request for information? >> guest: the state department and the entire administration has been absolutely unhelpful. they have been ston stonewallin. for jay carney, the spokesman for white house to say that the white house and that every aspect of the white house has been cooperated with congress every step of the way as biden would say malarkey to put it lightly. this is not true at all. we have been asking for information. since september 12. since we found out about the attacks, we have been asking for people to come from the
10:05 am
state department to testify. if the secretary was not going to make herself available we would take anyone who would be willing to come in an open hearing. all they offer rus the classified briefings. but the american people have the right to know whether we are protecting our personnel abroad. or whether we're just turning a blind eye. because it's not convenient for us to admit we're still under attack from terrorist elements like al-qaeda and other radicals. remember that the consulate had said one month before their attack, we are surrounded by, we have tennis lammic training camps, fanatics around us. how are they expected to keep this coordinated attack from happening? and repel these terrorists? this is shameful. and the administration is stonewalling. at best, at most what i think that they are doing is lying and misrepresenting the timeline. and fox has been very good about pointing that out to the
10:06 am
american viewers. >> shannon: hats five my colleague jennifer griffin and catherine herridge and bret baier as well for continuing to dig, as we all are on this story. what do you make of general petraeus' resignation, the timing of it? as he was due to be at some of the briefings and hearings this week? >> guest: first, general petraeus a hero. american living legend. i'm sorry for what has happened and what i know is just a private matter. and i hope that everything works out well for him. he made a pivotal appearance before our house foreign affairs committee when the iraq war was just slipping between our fingers. he was there and he boosted morale. he led us once again through a successful mission. remember, code pink put a full page ad saying general betrayal. what a terrible thing. this general is a hero. what has happened here, we don't know if there is any connection to benghazi. and that is what worries us. he was slated to speak, to
10:07 am
testify. and now all of a sudden even though this has been under investigation from what we know now for months, yet suddenly, a few days before testifying to congress he resigns. all of is this is very suspicious. not relate to the his extramarital affair. that is a matter for his family. but he is a hero. but we are all very suspicious aboutbe why people in key positions were not told about the investigation. and why he is not going to be making himself available to testify before this committee. on benghazi. that ilarms us. thank you for your service but we need answers about what you knew and didn't know about the terrorist attack. >> shannon: we know you a lot of work ahead. we'll be watching thursday. thank you for making time for us today. >> guest: thank you for everything you're doing to alert the american public. shameful of the
10:08 am
administration. >> shannon: thank you. for more, keep it here. "fox news sunday"'s interview with dianne feinstein airs right after america's news headquarters. protests breaking out in new york as thousands remain without power, without heat. venting frustration in aftermath of superstorm sandy. they say they are being stonewalled by the power company. we have more with a man who had to rip up his electrical system. i'm sure he is not alone. >> jamie: he's not. this community in oceanside say they feel forgotten. the community next door, long beach, mangled up boardwalk. they got to the brunt of the storm. it's bad here as well. we want to talk to mike. mike, you lost your entire electrical system.
10:09 am
so you obviously have no way to get the lights turned back on. >> right. lights is half the problem. once they get the power running we have to finish up with the electrician rewiring the home. water went up to the season, six feet high. i stayed until it got to the chin, the oil tanker beside me turned over. i bailed to the next level. >> reporter: so you are right here. the water is coming up to your chin. your little boy matt, your 8-year-old is doing what? >> they were petrified. saying come hug me, are we going die type of thing? the water exploded through all elements of the house. >> reporter: how frustrating is it for you when we report numbers from the power companies and there are tens of thousands of residents just like you who are not included those numbers, because your electrical system is waterlogged and they can't get to you. >> even when they get everything running, there is so much of the supply, the home depot and lowe's ran out.
10:10 am
supply companies ran out. so our guys couldn't start until wednesday or thursday. the water wha had to come in. flip the power on and then if i'm lucky enough i can get somebody here to replace the boiler and the hot water heaters. february the power is on i can't heat my house. >> reporter: school starts tuesday. tell where you say you have been staying. >> we have been staying with friends in rockwell center. they lost power for two days and it's less than a mile away. they are in a normal life and here is a disaster area. >> reporter: good luck. can i have a high-five? he was talking and talking but he is camera shy. he has been through a lot. so many other kids have as well. >> shannon: they have. thank you for continuing to bring us their story. thank you, anna. let's look at where the power outals stand. the long island power authority says 93% of the power has been erestored to its electrical system. in nassau county, there are
10:11 am
outages. suffolk county, 28,000 still without power. three states that were hardest hit, check it out. new york state has the most outages with slightly under 133,000 people without power. new jersey has close to 28,000 outages. lastly, west virginia below 6,000. new york's governor says the storm exposed major problems in regulation of the power utilities. it may be necessary to dissolve what he calls the virtual monopoly. calls for white house to remain as well. it's having a major political impact. congressman peter king is one of those calling on the white house to create standards to hold utilities accountable. joining us now to talk about that is fox news digital politics editor, host of "power play" on 11:30 eastern. chris stirewalt. >> we have a good guest host this week. i'm going to be off. shannon bream will fill the chair. >> we appreciate it.
10:12 am
don't do too good of a job. >> shannon: let's talk about the storm response. two weeks out. it's not just inconvenience. they are cold. they're suffering. they are waiting for someone to tell them what to do next. people are fired up this time around as well. >> and it's new york, new jersey. epicenter of the media world. they know how to get attention. the storm had interesting effect on the presidential election, giving the president a chance to block mitt romney's momentum, as the discussion moved away from campaign and in the storm. for the lingering effects. think about this. chris christie got in trouble with a lot of republicans for
10:13 am
his embrace, his bromance with president obama at the time. power play predicts by the time new jerseyites are in next summer and boardwalks are still a mess and things aren't working, coastal new jersey took a beating. that is a lot of money that the state relies on for revenue. the bromance will be over when chris christie heads to his re-election next year and he will distance himself from the president as frustrations continue. >> shannon: it will take money and effort to get it wrapped up. i want to ask about something else sparked up this week. we have congressman allen west, well-known tea party guy down in florida fighting for his life demanding recounts and saying that there is shenanigans going on down there. michele bachmann, the founder of the tea party caucus in the house barely wins her election. this week, the house speaker said we don't have a tea party caucus to speak of in the house. is tea party relevant, more relevant than the g.o.p.,
10:14 am
less? >> we have to delineate. there was a lower case move in the the party to clean house. move to fiscal conservatism, fiscal issues. debt, taxes, spending, libertarian lower case. if you will brand of conservatism. energizes the party and changed it. the big "t" for tea party, those folks. that movement at a chris rhodes -- crossroads. where is that going to be? as for a stand-alone, something for conservative weighing of the republican party, that question will linger.
10:15 am
>> shannon: wherever you are going to take you away from "power play" this week, have a great time. we'll keep it moving. >> soldier on. >> shannon: we will. thank you. in light of allen west close race and close calls for the tea party, we mentioned with michele bachmann, we have been asking you about the future of the tea party. we have got an lot of feedback. you're fired up out there. scott says this on twitter. tea party is harmful because it splits the party but it's definitely relevant. rodney says without the tea party, the g.o.p. is irrelevant. we cannot choose to continue to choose ra moderate leaders who pretend to be conservativ conservative. tweet your answers -- we will read more this hour. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: on veterans day,
10:16 am
we pay tribute to men and women who served the country in the u.s. military. some of them making the ultimate sacrifice. ceremonies honoring our veterans will take place all across the country today. at the nation's capital at the vietnam memorial where steve centanni is live. hi, steve. >> reporter: hi, shannon. ceremony underway at the vietnam memorial known as "the wall." the 30th anniversary of the dedication of this memorial and the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the vietnam war in which 58,000 americans lost their lives. there was also a ceremony earlier today where president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns and said our veterans deserve all the help they can get. let's listen. >> no one who fights for this country overseas should ever have to fight for a job, or a roof over their head. or the care that they have earned when they come home. >> the president promised to continue attacking the claims
10:17 am
backlog where veterans have to wait eight months or more to get results from a disability claim. earlier today, we had a ceremony also with the world war ii memorial, also fairly new here in washington, d.c. some several hundred world war ii veterans were there. there are fewer every year since they are now in their 80s and 90s most of them. we talk to a few of them about what the day means to them. let's listen. >> it's great to see the reception the veterans get. we're treated like royalty. which didn't happen before. >> keep the colors flying in. it's very difficult for the young people today. i realize that this is the world we're in. but don't give up, and stay with american spirit. >> of course, veterans of all the wars being remembered all across the country today. shannon? >> shannon: we have thankful for their service. steve, thank you very much. >> reporter: absolutely.
10:18 am
>> shannon: another case of insider violence in afghanistan. gunman wearing an afghan army uniform is shot and killed nato soldier in southern afghanistan. according to the nato-led coalition, 60 service members have been killed this year in insider attacks. nato is preparing to withdrawal most combat troops by the end of 2014. the election is finally over. a lot of you out there too exhausted to think about what is next. for others, they simply can't wait. the race to 2016 has already begun. all right, up next, look at some of the names out there on both sides. possibly for a white house run the next time around. [ forsythe ] we don't just come up here for the view up in alaska. it's the cleanest, clearest water. we fd the best, sweetest crab for red lobster that we can find. [ male announr ] hurry in to rd lobster's crabfest!
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>> shannon: at least two counties in washington state dropped some marijuana possession charges ahead of a ballot measure legalizing some marijuana use under state law, which voters approved. under federal law, marijuana is still illegal for any reason. washington state and colorado are now waiting to see what the federal government will do about the facts the voters in their states legalized pot. colorado governor has spoke within the attorney general u.s. holder and got no word on how the feds plan to respond
10:23 am
to the ballot measure in both states. political odds makers already surveying the field of potential candidates for 2016. the race they think appears to be wide open on both sides. able lists say after two straight losses, republicans may have to choose between the old guard and the new. fox news senior correspondent john roberts has more from atlanta. >> we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. >> paul ryan has passed the readiness test the aides insist. thoroughly vetted and dialed in to the mitt romney fundraising machine. he has apparatus, they say, to run but add he hasn't yet thought about it. in the next year, three big figures from the fall campaign, marco rubio, chris christie and rob portman. all have star quality. the rubio has a little extra juice, says karl rove. >> marco rubio is probably the best political communicator in our party since ronald reagan. he is obviously latino and from a big battleground state.
10:24 am
>> iowa is on rubio's agenda. headlining a birthday fundraiser for governor terry branstad next week. though his spokesman told fox news it's way too soon to be thinking about 2016. >> it's about our country. >> much the same of portman's office which said he is focused on his work in the senate. christie said he was too busy with sandy to think about this week's election, let alone '16. >> be able to move forward in our recovery efforts. >> strong woman could populate the republican field. senator kelly ayotte of new hampshire. governor nikki haley and susanna martinez among them. rounding out the favorites are bobby jindal, bob mcdonald and scott walker. watch the travel schedule and who goes to the battleground. but overkill could prompt early flame-out. >> candidates spending time in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina in 2013 and 2014 are making a mistake. >> on the democratic side, joe biden could take one more shot, though he'd be 73. then there is warner and
10:25 am
kaine. new york's cuomo. maryland's o'malley. if bill clinton's prominence of the fall campaign is any indication, hillary could stage a comeback. >> for hillary clinton, she has to look at two things. one she is getting older now and her organization is a little bit leaner than it was. but she has to keep in mind it's you have to have three consecutive term for one party. >> whoever becomes the republican contender will have a high bar. how to unite the various factions of the party in the face of shifting demographics that favor the democrats. in atlanta, john roberts, fox news. >> shannon: massive defense spending cuts on the horizon. lawmakers don't hammer out a deal within weeks. coming up, we'll talk to men who know how much the cuts will hurt. they're both veterans. stay with us. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
10:26 am
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>> shannon: a look at the top stories. ceremonies around the nation held on the veterans day. special event held at the vietnam memorial at this hour. earlier in morning, president obama and the first lady hosted a breakfast for veterans and their families and then traveled to arlington ceremony for a wreath-laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldiers. in france, another tomb o unknown seasonal. the president there laid wreath for armistice day. a man got a big surprise helping out in the area he bought a lottery ticket at 7-lieb and won $100,000. he hopes to invest the money and give some to the church and those in need. congratulations. congress has until the end of the year to come up with a
10:31 am
plan to avoid massive spending cuts under sequestration. can the lawmakers come up with a compromise before time runs out? and if they don't, how big will the impact be? here to discuss, two veterans. republican congressman-elect tom cotton of arkansas. democratic congressman bill psacral from new jersey. thank you both for your service to this country z first and foremost. >> thank you, shannon. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: all right. congressman, you been there. both sides of the aisle voted for sequestion -- sequestration. what hope do you have to work out a deal? >> i hope it's a resolution to the problem. it listened to speaker boehne boehner. he wants this to happen. we can't have tree believers at -- true believers at the table. we need real compromise.
10:32 am
the president laid out a draft of what we could work with and change as he suggested but there are principles that we need to adhere to. we have had an election and there consequences. we need to be open minded of what the solution will be. >> congressman elect, you have served. how worried are you in a deal doesn't get done, you are here and will be part of what happens next. how worried are you for a domestic and defense cut that could be coming? >> i'm deeply worried about the defense cuts coming. i was in front lines on n afghanistan and i saw it firsthand. we didn't have active axles or tires to take the troops out and fight to bad guy. i opposed the act at the time. president put it on the table and recognized in the last debate when he said the sequestration will not happen and the secretary of defense leon panetta said it would be devastating. of the issues that congress
10:33 am
faces in two months i'm confident we can protect the military a recognize it's the first priority of the federal government. >> shannon: congressman, what are the areas that you see that the two sides could meet on? are there areas of agreement that you can point to, to say this is where we can get started? >> which one of us in >> shannon: the current congressman. >> the president laid out a feasible way to do this to make sure that for every $3 of cuts there would be $1 of revenue. i think that is a direction to go in. it doesn't have to be in cement. but what i'm saying to you, i believe that is a path by which we can enter. remember, sequestration came about before shutting down the government. anybody who criticizes it now is redoing the campaign. the election is over. we have ought to be working with each other. i think the sensible and reasonable thing to do. and panetta is right. the defense department should not have to withstand billions of billions of dollars of the
10:34 am
kind of cuts that would result from sequestration. i agree with this secretary of defense. he is trustworthy and he has done a great job. the president did a great job putting him in that position. >> shannon: and congressman elect cotton, what do you make of what the electorate said on tuesday? we end up with what we had before that led us to sequestration, democratically controlled senate, republicans controlling the house and president obama, democrat, in the white house. do you think there will be more gridlock and that's what voters chose? or is the message, as the president said, voters say they don't want anybody here not willing to come propize or who see compromisesh compromise or see compromise as dirty word? >> it's ratification of what the house republicans stood for, for two years. stopping the job killing tax increases on entrepreneurs and small businesses around the country. i do think that there is common ground. i agree with bill and the secretary of defense panetta
10:35 am
we can't have sequestration go in effect. we need to change spending cuts and shift i aye from the department of defense that have born $4 million of cuts in four years and move to domestic spending. sequestration cuts 50% total out of defense. when it's 20% of the budget. >> shannon: we have the leave it there and we wish you the best as you endeavor to find solutions for the american people. and for the economy. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> shannon: all the best to you both on veterans day. well, chair of the senate elect intelligence committee dianne feinstein says she wishes the f.b.i. briefed her about the investigation in to c.i.a. director david petraeus' affair sooner. his resignation is raises questions in washington about what congress will learn in upcoming hearings on the attack in libya that left four americans dead. in an exclusive interview on "fox news sunday" chris wallace asks senator feinstein about the multiple reports regarding the attack on the u.s. embassy in libya. >> why was the president a
10:36 am
week later talking about the video, especially when it turns out and they knew in real-time it was never a protest to begin with? >> these things can be assessed to oblivion, too. i go by prior incidents. prior incidents give me a good assessment of whether there is a high likelihood. so that the assessment can be with confidence. i think that assessment could have been made earlier on with confidence. having said that, again, i have not seen these hundreds of threat warnings. i want to go through them and look at them. >> shannon: to watch chris' full exclusive interview with senator feinstein stay right here. it comes on the fox news channel after america's news headquarters. animal rights group peta is generating buzz with the billboard, always controversial. a lot of people think it goes too far. we'll show you and let you decide.
10:37 am
the ad asks children if you wouldn't eat your dog why would you eat a turkey? they're popping up in california, idaho and nevada. a lot of you weighed in on the facebook pages about this. eddie made light of it saying because dog does not go well with dressing and cranberry sauce. duh. but peggy didn't find the ad so funny and says they should be taken down and called them disturbing and mentally abusive. kathryn says when the kids start cooking then they can choose if they'll be eating turkey or not. things for weighing in. well, there are so many wonderful charities that help the nation's veterans. coming up, we talk to creator of luke's wings, one of your favorite charities that help wounded warriors and families be together as they work to recover at military hospitals. you'll hear from one of the families as well, so stay tuned. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles
10:38 am
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>> shannon: veterans day is all about remembering those who wore the uniform of the u.s. military in service to our country. luke's wing lends helping hand to the warriors for providing families with airline tickets to get the bedside of their seasonal when they need it most. joining us now , cofounder of luke wings fletcher gill. also scott and leslie carlson. luke's wings helped them when their son a marine, lance corporal colton was wounded in afghanistan this past may. welcome the all of you. always great to have you. >> thank you. >> shannon: scott and leslie, i want to start with you. what did it mean for you to have the transportation help and be with your son when he was recovering? >> it meant a lot to us. control top was wounded in may. i made trips through the number to see him. it meant a lot to him and us as parents to be with him. i'm sure it helped him in his recovery process.
10:43 am
a wonderful opportunity and privilege for to us be with him at his bedside. >> shannon: leslie, what impact did it have on colton mentally and emotionally and have you physically be with him? >> tremendous. it went out as soon as we could after he was injured. i have been out there with him for six months. with my 10-year-old daughter emma. he has four siblings so his brothers and sisters have been able to see him and grandparents. it has boosted him every time. >> shannon: you have been on a mission to make sure that people have the family support and have transportation and help. tell us how luke's wings is doing and how they get involved to help. ahead of the hospitals you special events going on.
10:44 am
>> thank you for having us as always. before i begin, i want to say scott and leslie, it is great to see you here today and it's an honor to help you an your family. >> thank you. >> as long as colton is recovering we'll be here for you and provide you with flights for both of you, his girlfriend and the entire family. you just call us and from now on colorado is down the street. >> thank you. >> i appreciate it. >> wonderful. >> make sure you're there with him every step of the way. that will be our little way of thanking you for being a wounded warrior family. for your son's service. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> to answer your question, luke's wings was founded in 2008 to reunite families with the wounded warrior, and recovery. we have provided 1,000 airline
10:45 am
tickets with little more than half of those in this year alone. we are doing a lot of fundraising this holiday season. we would like to send 1,500 wounded warriors home to be with families christmas morning, be with their children. we have anticipate the cost of that will be half a million dollars. we are looking for everybody to, you know, help out a little bit. we have a great program that allows people to get a christmas ornament and a gift card in case you wanted to send a wounded warrior home on behalf of a loved one. if you donate $350, about the cost of a flight we'll give you a gift card and a ornament to present to your loveed one as token of your love for them. special thing. more information on the website now. >> shannon: we have it up now. it's a great gift-giving idea for giver and receiver. gift all the way around. >> in fact, i have one here
10:46 am
for you. >> shannon: okay. let's see it. >> i brought it. it's our luke's wings christmas ornament. on the back it says the bearer of this ornament helped reunite a wounded warrior with his family on christmas morning. >> shannon: beautiful. >> thank you so much. >> shannon: listen, we love to just see a small way to shine a spotlight for folks, see the ornament here. it's beautiful, a great gift. but the gift you give is to the families. we thank you for sharing your story. there are other families that benefit from this. so encourage people to go to to change and help the holidays for the rounded warriors and the family -- wounded warriors and the work you're good to see you. >> thank you. >> shannon: all right. welwells and brace -- scarves ad bracelets. more how you can help. military mom cynthia created a battle saint bracelet with her
10:47 am
husband. check it out. we have this here. a fundraising evident that sells scal ofs and bracelet -- scarral ofs and bracelets. you see one of the scarves there. 70,000 supporters purchased the battle saint bracelet. several of them here. you can get your own scarf or bracelet on to help the men and women now overseas. small way to do that. great christmas gifts as well. well, thousands of people are struggling to rebuild after sandy. if you're one of them, help could be on the way from an unexpected resource. how the i.r.s. can help you and your small business recover. we want to get you the good news. so stay tuned.
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10:51 am
>> shannon: he is not conceding. he is fighting. congressman allen west is getting a recount in st. lucie county and not the only one waiting for results of the still undecided race. stories of the election still undecided are one of the most read stories online. peter doocy has more. >> reporter: barr ab leads republican congressman lun lundgreen. another brian billbray trails his channeler as well. two races hotly contested in arizona. g.o.p. rising star vernon
10:52 am
parker is down in the count competitor kirsten sinema a race we featured here. democratic congressman ron barber a former aide to congresswoman gabrielle giffords is down right now by less than 100 votes. north carolina has a close race between blue dog democrat congressman mike mcintyre and his channeler david ruser. freezing temperatures and light snowfall caused a southwest airlines jet to slide off a runway. the plane had just landed in denver. all the passengers were bused to the concourse. no injuries reported. luckily. if you use this hashtag you will support the troops. history network will donate a dollar for each use of the hashtag. for more info go to back to you. >> shannon: thank you. well, it may not help in the
10:53 am
short term, but perhaps some comfort for hurricane sandy victims the i.r.s. has a tax break specifically for you. not super generous, but every little bit helps. it takes work to get this, so we want to know and make sure you know how to do it. senior business correspondent brenda butner explains. >> disaster relief from the i.r.s.? if you or someone you know suffered daniels to a home as a result of super storm sandy, you could be eligible for tax break. you can deduct catastrophic loss from the income. what is the catastrophe? i.r.s. defines as damage, destruction or loss of property resulting fa identifiable event, sudden, unexpected or unusual. one of the limitations, even if you do have a catastrophe, you won't be able to use the deduction if you don't itemize your deductions. even if you can itemize, you may not get a large deduction. the catastrophe loss is
10:54 am
limited to amounts above 10% of your adjusted growth income. rich kopka is managing director of wells health financial planning and says taking the deduction doesn't necessarily mean your tax filing will be a red flag for i.r.s. audit. >> we have to make sure that you are not taking the loss that is inclusive of the insurance. that you will get for coverage. >> now, if you are in a federally declared disaster area, you can amend your 2011 return. that will get you your catastrophe tax deduction more quickly. to find out if you are in effected area go to fema is offering free legal services to small businesses in disaster areas. check out the small business administration's website, >> shannon: thank you for the information. the macy's thanksgiving day parade is a holiday staple. this year, there is new faces
10:55 am
joining the procession. who will help us welcome santa back to town? sneak peek of that is next. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase.
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>> shannon: forget car and electronic shows. here is one that really speaks to me. the 15th annual new york chocolate show features 65 chocolate companies showcasing the treats. some of the proceeds go to the
10:59 am
charity new york cares to benefit victims impacted by hurricane sandy. hello kitty is one of the new balloons introduced in the macy's day parade. papa smurf will join the line-up. 40 giant balloons, 27 floats and 1600 cheerleaders in last year's parade. time for twitter. we asked you moving forward do you think the tea party is relevant? is it help or hurtful to the g.o.p.? diverse answers. clayton says the only reason the republicans won in 2010 was the tea party. the republican party owes tea party for the existence. vernon says the tea party is more relevant than ever but they need a substantial leader for a full-time spokesperson and expression positions clearly. tara says the tea party was helpful a couple of years ago and would be in the future but for now take a bow and let the smoke settle. thank you for sharing. we love to hear from you. that is it for us


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